Q3Map2Build is a front-end application for Ydnar's Q3Map2 and was designed to be simple, small, and dynamic since switches for the map compiler change all the time. All the switch options are read from a file instead of hard coded, which makes shadowspawn able to change it without me recompiling each time. Some features:
  • No dependencies past VB runtimes.
  • ~60kb program file (no installer).
  • Built-in listen server for logging. (And stand-alone included now)
  • Pretty straight forward.
  • Most recent version from shadowspawn's site: Q3Map2Build on ss's (it's small)
  • And all my VB programs require VB6 runtimes: Download VB Runtimes (0.99 MB)
    (only download runtimes if you need them, it will say when you run the program)