Keep Monitor

 Keep Monitor is designed to take over as a client-side version of my old Camelot Monitor website. It will show the keep and relic status for all servers on the main window, then its real functionality is that it on a given interval will check keep ownership on one specified server. If a keep changes ownership a system tray icon will flash and it will be logged, logged ownership changes can be browsed later. It isn't completely done yet and I haven't bug tested everything either, but it's functional in its main usage.

If you run into any bugs please e-mail me at

  • You can download the Keep Monitor 1.1 build 1 version here: Download 1.11 Installer (392 KB)
  • And all my VB programs require VB6 runtimes: Download VB Runtimes (0.99 MB)
    (only download runtimes if you need them, it will say when you run the program)